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@ Slinger Super Speedway

Race Results

Race Information:

Slinger Super Speedway Schedule of Events - Sunday, July 5, 2020

Kim Parsons Memorial Trophy Tour - Organ Donation Awareness Night ~ Big 8 Series Race Mayville Community Night

The schedule is tentative and subject to change!

  • 2:30 Pit gates open
  • 4:00 Practice by division (B8, Hobbies, SB, Mods, 6s)
  • 5:05 B8 Tire Scuff (Hobbies to the line for qualifying)
  • 5:10 Qualifying (Hobbies, B8, SB, Mods, 6s)  Group qualifying (by points-fastest first) for SB and 6s.  
  • DRIVERS MEETING IF TIME PERMITS - IF No Driver’s Meeting - watch the Slinger Speedway Racers Facebook page and/or your email for notes. Lineups will be posted on MyRacePass & the Slinger Speedway Scoring Tower Facebook page
  • 6:20 Fast qualifiers to the start-finish line for Butler Wire Wheel of Invert spin
  • 6:30 Opening Ceremonies with races to follow 
  • Big 8 Heat Races
  • Big 8 Die Roll
  • Heat Races (Hobbies, SB, Mods, 6s)
  • Westbury Bank ride-along
  • Semi Features (as needed)
  • Bar Cars (6 laps)
  • Westbury Bank ride-along
  • Feature - Hobby Stocks (25 laps)
  • Feature - Noey’s Pub & Grill Slinger Bees (25 laps) - Top 3 on the apron, then to the Billy Brown Victory Deck  

Intermission (15 minutes) B8 roll out to the front stretch - parked and buckled.  When the horn sounds once, head to your car and buckle up

  • Feature - Big 8 Series Late Models (88 laps) all cars stop on the front stretch after lap 44 - 10-minute break
  • Feature - Finish Line Bar & Grill Modifieds (30 laps)
  • Feature - Slinger Sixers
  • Feature - Figure 8s

After Races: Everyone is welcome in the pit area after the races to meet drivers and get autographs. Many teams have giveaways and hand out autograph cards.

Division abbreviations:
B8 - Big 8 Series Late Models
6s=Slinger Sixers
SB = Noey’s Bar & Grill Slinger Bees
Mods=Finish Line Bar & Grill Modifieds

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Raceceiver: 469.5500/Channel 1565
PA System: 88.5 FM

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