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How Race Monitor Relaying Works
Race Monitor Relaying Diagram

Information for Tracks

If you run the MyLaps Orbits, Westhold, TAG Heuer Elite v3, Trackside, or MotoSponder timing software at your track, you can provide live timing to your racers and fans in two different ways, either directly over wifi, or over the internet with our Race Monitor Relaying service.

The Race Monitor Relaying service allows you to make the live timing and scoring of your race available over the internet.

With relaying, your race will show up within the in-app directory of races and users can simply tap on your race to connect from anywhere with an internet connection.

Additionally, we offer a web timing module that you can use to add live timing directly to your website.

What is required for Relaying?
There are just three things required for relaying:
  • A compatible timing system that offers an RMonitor feed
  • An Internet connection at the race (even works over cellular)
  • A Race Monitor Relaying account (free - contact us to set one up)
The process on race day is very simple and only requires that you run a small piece of software on a computer that can access both your RMonitor feed and the internet at the same time (can be run on the timing computer)

How much does it cost?
We offer the basic relaying service free of charge (subsidized by app sales), and ask that you promote the Race Monitor apps at your events in return (flyers, announcements, otherwise).

We also offer an Enhanced Relaying and a Premium Relaying plan with additional features:

  Basic Relaying Enhanced Relaying Premium Relaying
Free $10/month $50/month
Relay live timing
Add live timing to your own website
View live statistics about your live timing
Stream live audio to Race Monitor from your computer with Announcer Stream
View historical statistics about your live timing
Find out which racers people are following
Whitelist websites that your live timing can be displayed on (only the sites you choose and race-monitor.com)
Send notifications to users that follow your series
Customize the colors of your web timing
Exclude your web timing from www.race-monitor.com
Phone support

We don't have wifi at the track.
The service doesn't require much data, and you can use a cellular connection (e.g., USB stick, or hotspot) for the uploading. You also don't have to provide internet access to the users, since most already have internet access on their phones.

Which timing systems are compatible?
We officially support the MyLaps Orbits, TAG Heuer by Chronelec Elite V3, Westhold, Trackside, and MotoSponder timing systems. It will also work with other timing systems that offer an RMonitor feed.

If you have a question about whether or not your timing system is compatible, please contact us.

Should I worry that Race Monitor users might impact the performance of my timing system?
Our relaying service will offload the users from your timing system to our servers. The relaying software will behave as a single device connected to your timing system and your spectators will connect directly to our servers.

Who's using Race Monitor Relaying?
We're currently providing relaying for World of Outlaws Sprint Car Series, Lucas Oil Late Model Dirt Series, World Karting Association, ChumpCar, 24 Hours of Lemons, Florida Karting Championship Series, and more than a thousand others!

If you would like more information, or would like to start using our relaying service, please contact us.

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