WKA Karting Challenge-Saturday

@ The Dirt Track At Charlotte

Junior 3 Pro Practice
Stock Heavy Pro Practice
Senior Champ B Practice
Super Heavy Pro Practice
Rookie Red Plate B
Semi Pro Practice
All Pro Practice
Junior 1 Warmup-Q
Stock Medium Warmup-Q
Junior 3 Warmup-Q
Rookie Red Plate A Race-Q
Rookie Red Plate A Race-Q
Stock Heavy Warmup-Q
Junior 2 Warmup-Q
Senior Champ A Race-Q
Senior Champ A Race-Q
Super Heavy Warmup-Q
Semi Pro Warmup-Q
Junior 1 Pro-Q
Junior 1 Pro-Q
Stock Medium Pro-Q
Junior 3 Pro-Q
Stock Heavy Pro-Q
Junior 2 Pro-Q
Senior Champ B Race-Q
Super Heavy Pro-Q
Rookie Red Plate B Race-Q
Semi Pro-Q
All Pro-Q
Junior 1 Warmup-R
Stock Medium Warmup-R
Junior 3 Warmup-R
Rookie Red Plate A Race-R
Stock Heavy Warmup-R
Junior 2 Warmup-R
Senior Champ A Race-R
Super Heavy Warmup-R
Semi Pro Warmup-R
Junior 1 Pro-R
Stock Medium Pro-R
Junior 3 Pro-R
Stock Heavy Pro-R
Junior 2 Pro-R
Senior Champ B Race-R
Super Heavy Pro-R
Rookie Red Plate B Race-R
Semi Pro-R
All Pro-R

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