Grass Roots Race #3

@ Cross Anchor Raceway - Enoree, SC

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Race ALL_Racers_Race_1_2_3_4_5_6_7_9_10_11_12
Race 01-Clone 450-02:41PM
Race 02-Out of the Box 350-02:47PM
Race 03-Wing Kart Green Plate-02:54PM
Race 04-Champ-02:57PM
Race 05-SPG 350-03:01PM
Race 06-Clone 425-03:04PM
Race 06-Clone 425-03:13PM
Race 07-Jr. 1 Clone-03:14PM
Race 09-Wing Kart Purple Plate-03:18PM
Race 10-Out of the Box 375
Race 10-Out of the Box 375-03:22PM
Race 11-Rookie Red Plate-03:29PM
Race 12-Clone 375-03:35PM
Race 13-Jr. 2 Clone-03:43PM
Race 14-SPG 375-03:49PM
Race 15-Jr. Predator-03:53PM
Race 16-Wing Kart Unrestricted-03:56PM
Race 17-Flathead 375-04:00PM
Race 18-Out of the Box 425-04:03PM
Race 19-Jr. 3 Clone-04:11PM
Race 20-SPG 425-04:17PM
Race 21-Clone 350-04:20PM
Race 01-Clone 450-Feature-04:20PM
Race 01-Clone 450-Feature-05:03PM
Race 02-Out of the Box 350-Feature
Race 02-Out of the Box 350-Feature-05:10PM
Race 03-Wing Kart Green Plate-Feature-05:10PM
Race 04-Champ-Feature-05:23PM
Race 05-SPG 350-Feature-05:31PM
Race 06-Clone 425-Feature-05:38PM
Race 07-Jr. 1 Clone-Feature-05:49PM
Race 09-Wing Kart Purple Plate-Feature-05:55P
Race 10-Out of the Box 375-Feature
Race 11-Rookie Red Plate-Feature-06:18PM
Race 12-Clone 375-Feature-06:31PM
Race 13-Jr. 2 Clone-Feature-06:47PM
Race 14-SPG 375-Feature
Race 15-Jr. Predator-Feature-07:15PM
Race 16-Wing Kart Unrestricted-Feature-07:23P
Race 17-Flathead 375-Feature-07:29PM
Race 18-Out of the Box 425-Feature-07:43PM
Race 19-Jr. 3 Clone-Feature-08:04PM
Race 20-SPG 425-Feature-08:04PM
Race 21-Clone 350-Feature-08:21PM

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