Pro 4 with Weekly Divisions

@ Harris Motor Speedway

All Races

Race Futures--Hot Laps 1
Race 602 Late Models--Hot Laps 1-07:24PM
Race V8 Young Guns--Hot Laps 1-07:28PM
Race Street Stock--Hot Laps 1-07:30PM
Race Pure Stock--Heat 1-07:33PM
Race Thunder Bomber--Heat 1-07:44PM
Race Thunder Bomber--Heat 2-07:49PM
Race Pro 4--Heat 1-07:52PM
Race Pro 4--Heat 2-07:58PM
Race FWD--Heat 1-08:00PM
Race FWD--Heat 1-08:05PM
Race FWD--Heat 2-08:11PM
Race Futures--Heat 2
Race Futures--Heat 2-08:19PM
Race 602 Late Models--Qualifying 1-08:23PM
Race V8 Young Guns--Heat 1-08:28PM
Race Street Stock--Qualifying 1-08:35PM
Race Pure Stock--A Feature 1-08:39PM
Race FWD--A Feature 1
Race Futures--A Feature 1-10:07PM
Race 602 Late Models--A Feature 1-10:29PM
Race Pro 4--A Feature 1-10:54PM
Race V8 Young Guns--A Feature 1-11:02PM
Race Street Stock--A Feature 1-11:21PM

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