Thursday Thunder Rounds 4 and 5

@ Atlanta Motor Speedway

All Races

Race Chargers--Qualifying 1-05:55PM
Race Rookie Bandoleros--Qualifying 1-06:00PM
Race SemiPro Legends--Qualifying 1-06:06PM
Race Bandits--Qualifying 1-06:06PM
Race Young Lions Legends--Qualifying 1
Race Outlaws --Qualifying 1-06:20PM
Race Masters Legends--Qualifying 1
Race Pro Legends--Qualifying 1
Race Chargers--A Feature 1-06:43PM
Race Rookie Bandoleros--A Feature 1-06:43PM
Race SemiPro Legends--Competitors-06:59PM
Race Bandits--A Feature 1-07:15PM
Race Young Lions Legends--A Feature 1-07:29PM
Race Outlaws --A Feature 1-07:40PM
Race Masters Legends--A Feature 1-07:56PM
Race Pro Legends--A Feature 1-08:10PM
Race Chargers--A Feature 1-08:48PM
Race Rookie Bandoleros--A Feature 1-08:48PM
Race SemiPro Legends--A Feature 1
Race Bandits--A Feature 1-09:11PM
Race Young Lions Legends--A Feature 1
Race Outlaws --A Feature 1
Race Masters Legends--A Feature 1-10:15PM
Race Pro Legends--A Feature 1-10:23PM

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