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@ Anderson Motor Speedway

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Race BM Modifieds--Practice 1-06:04PM
Race US Legends--Practice1
Race Limited--Practice 1-06:18PM
Race Asphalt Pure Stocks--Practice 1-06:26PM
Race Asphalt Mini Stocks--Practice 1-06:34PM
Race Front Wheel Drive--Practice 1
Race Young Guns--Qualifying 1-06:46PM
Race BM Modifieds--Qualifying 1-06:53PM
Race US Legends--Qualifying 1-06:57PM
Race Limited--Practice 2-07:03PM
Race Asphalt Pure Stocks--Qualifying 1-07:11P
Race Asphalt Mini Stocks--Qualifying 1-07:16P
Race Front Wheel Drive--Qualifying 1
Race Limited--Qualifying 1-07:36PM
Race Young Guns--A Feature 1-07:36PM
Race BM Modifieds--A Feature 1-08:23PM
Race US Legends--A Feature 1-08:51PM
Race Asphalt Pure Stocks--A Feature 1-09:09PM
Race Asphalt Mini Stocks--A Feature 1-09:30PM
Race Limited--A Feature 1-09:44PM
Race Front Wheel Drive--A Feature 1-10:25PM

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