Kids Night - Super Late Model $2000 to Win

@ Thunderbird Raceway

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Race Cyber Stocks--Heat 2-06:16PM
Race Cyber Stocks--Heat 3-06:19PM
Race Cyber Stocks--Heat 4-06:23PM
Race Super Late Models--Heat 1-06:27PM
Race Super Late Models--Heat 2-06:32PM
Race Street Stocks--Heat 1-06:41PM
Race Street Stocks--Heat 2-06:48PM
Race Street Stocks--Heat 3-06:54PM
Race Street Stocks--Heat 4
Race Pro Late Models--Heat 1-07:04PM
Race IMCA Modifieds--Heat 1-07:08PM
Race IMCA Modifieds--Heat 2
Race Warriors--Heat 1
Race Warriors--Heat 2-07:27PM
Race Warriors--Heat 3-07:33PM
Race Warriors--Heat 4-07:37PM
Race Cyber Stocks--A Feature 1-07:42PM
Race Cyber Stocks--A Feature 2-08:12PM
Race Super Late Models--A Feature 1-08:25PM
Race Street Stocks--A Feature 1-08:25PM
Race Street Stocks--A Feature 2-08:48PM
Race Pro Late Models--A Feature 1-09:00PM
Race IMCA Modifieds--A Feature 1-09:10PM
Race Warriors--A Feature 1
Race Warriors--A Feature 2-09:23PM

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