23rd Annual Duel in the Desert - Championship Night

@ Dirt Track @ Las Vegas

All Races

Race ALL_Modified-06:30PM
Race ALL_SportMod-06:30PM
Race SportMod Heat 1-08:12PM
Race SportMod Heat 2-08:21PM
Race SportMod Heat 3-08:28PM
Race SportMod Heat 4-08:36PM
Race SportMod Heat 5-08:42PM
Race SportMod Heat 6-08:52PM
Race Stock Car Heat 1-08:52PM
Race Stock Car Heat 2-09:02PM
Race Stock Car Heat 3-09:11PM
Race Stock Car Heat 4-09:18PM
Race Stock Car Heat 5-09:29PM
Race Modified Heat 1
Race Modified Heat 2
Race Modified Heat 2-10:08PM
Race Modified Heat 4-10:21PM
Race Modified Heat 5-10:21PM
Race Modified Heat 6-10:41PM
Race Modified Heat 7-10:51PM
Race Modified Heat 8-11:02PM
Race Modified Heat 9-11:09PM
Race Modified Heat 10-11:18PM
Race Modified Heat 11-11:18PM
Race Modified Heat 12-11:33PM
Race Modified Top 12-11:44PM
Race SportMod Top 12-11:47PM
Race Stock Car Last Chance 1-11:52PM
Race Modified Last Chance 1-12:02AM
Race SportMod Last Chance 1-12:15AM
Race Stock Car A-Feature 1-12:15AM
Race Modified A-Feature 1-12:44AM
Race SportMod A-Feature 1-01:14AM
Race Stock Car - Wild West Shootout
Race Modified - Wild West Shootout-02:08AM
Race Sport Mod - Wild West Shootout-02:16AM
Race Modified - Legends
Race Modified - Young Guns-02:52AM
Race Stock Car - Best Appearing-02:52AM
Race Sport Mod - Best Appearing-03:18AM
Race Sport Mod - Best Appearing-03:18AM
Race Modified - Best Appearing

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