Race Monitor Help

About LIVE status

Next to races, we display a LIVE indicator to help you to know whether or not live timing is currently available.

This LIVE status indicates whether we've received live timing data from the track within the past few minutes.

If a race isn't showing LIVE, then it's typically an issue with the track's internet connection (most likely), or perhaps their timing system.

While we strive to maintain 99.99% uptime for our servers, and have for the past few years, we don't have any control over the on-site conditions at the events.

A very large percentage of the races have to upload their live timing data using cellular connections, often times in the middle of nowhere with limited cell signal.

If you see that a race is offline, they probably know about it (our system automatically alerts them), but timing the race accurately is a lot more important then getting their internet connection back online so that you can view live timing (I know, we all want live timing right now), so please be kind to them when they have issues.

You can always check our system status on our dedicated status monitoring website at http://status.race-monitor.com

Some general technical details about the statuses shown:
  • Live Timing Servers - Overall status of our live timing servers. If this is offline, then we have major issues.
  • Race Monitor API - The service that that the app uses to pull in the directory, results, and race information.
  • Race Monitor Website - Our main website.
  • Announcer Stream - Status of our audio streaming services

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