Paid Relaying

October 21, 2013

Custom Web Timing

Introducing Enhanced and Premium Relaying
We would like to start by thanking you for your support of Race Monitor! Over the last few years, thanks to your support, we’ve grown from a simple app that displayed live timing directly from an RMonitor feed, to a full end-to-end solution for making your live timing available over the internet in real-time.

Live timing with Race Monitor is now available from hundreds of races around the world, and users have collectively spent more than 64 years worth of time using Race Monitor. Our servers have relayed live timing, and generated results for more than 120,000 on-track sessions, and over 50,000 competitors.

As we head towards the off-season, we wanted to introduce you to our latest project. Many of you have expressed interest in having more insight into the live timing of your races, and in having tools to help with your brand management.

We’re pleased to announce two new relaying plans that are available to help you with that. Don’t worry, Basic Relaying isn’t going away and will remain free to you.

Enhanced Relaying
The first new relaying level is Enhanced Relaying. While there is a nominal charge associated with Enhanced Relaying, its features are designed to give you more insight into your live timing, and the ability to further engage your fans.

Starting in January, we transparently introduced a new statistics server to help us in collecting and reporting statistics about each race’s live timing. With Enhanced Relaying, you’ll now be able to go back and review detailed statistics about each of your races such as, concurrent connections throughout your race, the number of distinct app users that viewed your live timing, how many users followed your race, bandwidth in/out, what racer’s people have setup alerts for, and more!

Additionally, with Enhanced Relaying, you can now send push notifications to those users that are following your series. While Race Notifications have been available for some time, those messages only went to those that have viewed the live timing for the given race. The new Series Notifications feature will allow you to target all of the users that have followed your series. This is particularly useful for sending out pre-race notifications to those that are following your series.

The only change that affects a small number of you that choose to remain on the Basic Relaying, is that the Web Timing Restrictions feature will no longer be free and will now be a paid feature. However, while the new paid relaying plans are available immediately, your Web Timing Restrictions will continue to function until March 1st, 2014, at which point you will need to upgrade if you wish to continue using the feature.

Premium Relaying
The next level is designed for those of you that wish to have control over the branding of your web timing, as well as phone support should you need assistance.

We’ve built a brand new Web Timing Style Builder that lets you easily customize all of the colors of your web timing so that you can match it to your brand and website. With simple point-and-click color pickers, you can create the style that best matches your race.

In the last couple of months, we also introduced a Live Timing Section on the Race Monitor website. With Premium Relaying, you can choose to remove your race’s live timing from our website and optionally point them to your live timing page so that you can better control the advertising and sponsorship placements around your web timing.

Additionally, with Premium Relaying we’re now offering phone support. While we try to provide the best support we can via email, as well as with the support documents on our website, some of you have expressed interest in having a phone support option, and we’re happy to oblige.

These are just the initial new offerings as a part of the Premium Relaying plan, with more features to come.

New Terms of Service
In the coming weeks, we will begin requiring that you agree to our new Terms of Service to be able to use the Race Monitor Relaying service. The purpose of it is to establish a more professional relationship and to establish what bounds we have to work within as we move forward with developing new features for Race Monitor.

It’s the first version, so if you have concerns with items in it, please let us know so that we can learn from and improve it, just as we have with Race Monitor.

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