Release Notes

  • Fixed an issue with async requests where the UI didn't update properly to reflect the current state
  • Fixed some UI bugs that most people probably didn't even notice
  • Added a new Data Source option that allows you to connect to either an RMonitor feed, or to a race that's listed within Race Monitor
  • Added a new Excel Output Format with Text format specified for the Number values so that vMix will display numbers with leading zeros properly
  • Added a CSV option to put all the competitor records on a single row
  • Added warnings about file paths that aren't writable
  • Fixed issue with network addresses that have extra spaces before or after
  • Added ability to delay the feed data to match a delay in video processing
  • Fixed issue that periodically threw an error when new competitors were being loaded by the timing system
  • Added DNS resolution for the RMonitor feed address
  • Fixed code signing issue
  • Fixed issue that would cause the diff values to update inconsistently
  • Fixed bug with the position value output in the CSV serializer
  • Headers in CSV Output now include a number indicating the record to make them easier to identify
  • Add CSV output support, including the ability to have multiple competitor records on a single row (paged)
  • Add Nationality and AdditionalData records to the output
  • Add Speed and Best Speed values to the output
  • Option to select between MPH and km/h for speed values
  • Strip null characters from RMonitor feed data that's sent from certain versions of Orbits
  • Fixed issue where flag status changes did not trigger an automatic serialization in continuous mode
  • Added Best Lap, Best Time, and Diff values to the output for each competitor
  • Added ability to set the sort mode of the output file (sort by Position or by Best Time)
  • Fix fastestnum key in output
  • Add ability to specify flag images file names and their full path
  • Add "flagimg" key/value which outputs the flagstatus value appended with ".png". If no flag status, the output is "none.png"
  • Add leadernum and fastestnum key/values
v1.0.0.0 - Initial Release
  • Ability to connect to, and consume data, from an RMonitor scoreboard feed over the network
  • Status display of data quality indicating whether there are racers in duplicate positions or if the data is missing racer names
  • Ability to specify the output file that the data is written to
  • Ability to specify how often data is updated:
    • Continually (whenever relevant data is updated)
    • Periodic (every X seconds. Options for 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 30 second increments)
  • Ability to specify the character encoding of the source feed (System default, or UTF-8 if connecting to a Race Monitor server)
  • Ability to manually output a data file (menu option)
  • Ability to set whether the task bar icon flashes when there is a connection or data quality issue
  • Data output contains the following items:
    • Laps to go
    • Flag status
    • List of racers sorted by position, each racer includes first name, last name, car number, last lap time, and last lap number
    • Leader's first name, last name, best lap number, and best time number
    • Fastest racers first name, last name, fastest lap number and fastest lap time
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