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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect?
If the race you're interested in uses our relaying service, you can find their events listed within the in-app directory and simply tap on their race to connect. Hundreds of races from around the world make their races available over the internet with Race Monitor!

For those races offering their RMonitor feed over a local network:
  1. Make sure that you are on the same wireless network as the RMonitor server is on (or the same wired network if your device supports it)
  2. Enter the IP address of the RMonitor server. You will need to get this information from the track. It will usually look similar to ''
  3. Enter the Port of the RMonitor server. You will need to get this information from the track. It will be numeric and is typically 50000
  4. Tap connect

My track/race doesn't currently offer live timing with Race Monitor
Have them contact us and we'll be happy to assist them.

What do the different colors indicate?
Race Monitor uses a number of colors to help you to quickly identify interesting or useful information.
  • Green lap times
    Indicates a racer's best lap time

  • Purple highlighted row/Heads Up Display background
    Indicates the racer set the session's best lap time

Subscriptions and Purchases

iPhone/iPad and Android Live Timing Subscriptions
As of Race Monitor v2, iOS and Android apps require a subscription to view most live timing, although live timing for some of the races is free.

Subscriptions are purchased from within the app. You can access the subscription options screen by tapping on the Subscription button or orange Subscription banner in the directory, or by going to the Settings screen in Race Monitor and tapping on the Subscription Options button.

Restoring Live Timing Subscriptions
If you need to restore a subscription on a device, you can do so using the Restore button on the Subscription Options screen. Please note: You can only restore purchases made in the store that is available on the device. Apple devices can only restore purchases made in the Apple App Store, Android devices can only restore purchases made in the Google Play Store.

Cancelling Live Timing Subscriptions
Subscriptions are auto-renewing and you can cancel them at any time. Cancelling a subscription will not refund the purchase, and your subscription will continue to be valid until the expiration date.

Sharing Live Timing Subscriptions
With Race Monitor v2, we've added the ability to share your subscription with your family on up to five devices (iOS or Android). From the Settings screen in Race Monitor, tap on the Devices button, tap on the + button, and then you can use the Send Code button to send the code via Email or Text Message.

To redeem a share code, go the the Settings screen in Race Monitor, tap on the Redeem Share Code button, enter the code where prompted, and tap on Redeem.

Removing a device from a Live Timing Subscription
There are two ways to remove a device from a live timing subscription:

Removing another device from a subscription: You can only remove a device from a Live Timing Subscription using a device that the subscription was purchased/restored from (the primary device). From the Settings screen within Race Monitor, tap on the Devices button, then tap on the device that you would like to remove from the subscription. You may not remove the primary device from a current subscription.

Removing the current device from a subscription: Go the Settings screen in Race Monitor and tap on the Remove Device button. This option is only available on devices that are sharing a subscription from another device.

I bought a new device, how do I transfer Race Monitor to it?
If you're transfering between iOS and Android, and have a current subscription, you can share your current subscription to the new device (instructions above). Your subscription will continue to be billed through the app store that it was purchased through (Google Play for Android, App Store for Apple).

If your new device is a Windows Phone, Windows 8, or a Mac, there is currently no way to transfer your subscription or purchases.

Instructions for downloading previously purchased apps:
I upgraded to Race Monitor Plus, how do I access the new features?
Available for iOS and Android. Included as a part of the Windows 8 and Mac versions.
The Race Monitor Plus features are integrated seamlessly with the app but are easy to access:
  • Heads Up Display: From within the live timing, simply tap on a racer to view their Heads Up Display
  • Racer Alerts: From the race's information screen, swipe right-to-left twice to access the Racer Alerts configuration. You can also add an alert for a racer by long pressing on them in the live timing.
You can tell if your app was successfully upgraded by tapping on a racer in live timing or results. If your app has been upgraded to Plus, it will present the racer's Heads Up Display.


Help, I keep receiving notifications! How do I turn them off?
You can turn off notifications for a race by going to the race's information screen, swiping right-to-left once, and using the toggle switch to turn them on/off.

Why don't all racers have names, or last lap/best lap times?
The RMonitor feed periodically sends out data as it's available. Some data such as racer information is sent on a timed basis, other information such as last lap/best lap are sent as the event occurs such as when a racer crosses the timing loop. Data is updated on the device as soon as it receives the data from the RMonitor server.

What is RMonitor?
RMonitor is a live timing protocol from MyLaps that allows users to get live timing and scoring data from the timing system. The data can be viewed with Race Monitor using a direct connection (by connecting using an IP Address and Port). With the Race Monitor relaying service, races can make the data from their RMonitor feed available over the internet as well (races listed in the directory).

Did we miss your question? Contact us and we'll be happy to help you out.

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