UKS Ultimate Saturday Night Special Series

@ The "Old" Stateline Speedway

Sr Champ Lite ACE Practice
Clone Lite Q
Clone Med Practice
Clone Heavy ACE Practice
Clone Lite Q
Sr Stock Q
Sr Stock Q
Red Pate Q
Jr 1 Green Q
Jr 2 Purple ACE Q
Predator 345 Q
Sr Champ Lite ACE Q
Jr Champ Purple Q
Clone Med Q
Jr 3 Lite ACE Q
Clone 400 Q
Jr 1 Green Heavy Q
Predator 360 ACE Q
Jr 2 Purple Heavy Q
EL 380 Q
EL 380 Q
Limited Q
Beginners Ladies Pred Q
Clone Super Heavy ACE Q
Clone Super Heavy ACE Q
Clone Super Heavy ACE Q
Jr 3 Heavy Q
Sr Champ Heavy Q
Predator 390 Q
Clone Heavy ACE Q
Stock 450 Q
Teen Champ Q
Teen Champ Q
Clone Lite R
Sr Stock R
Red Plate R
Jr 1 Green R
Jr 2 Purple ACE R
Predator 345 R
Sr Champ Lite ACE R
Jr Champ Purple R
Clone Med R
Jr 3 Lite ACE R
Clone 400 R
Jr 1 Green Heavy R
Predator 360 ACE R
Jr 2 Purple Heavy R
EL 380 R
Limited R
Beginners Ladies Pred R
Clone Super Heavy ACE R
Jr 3 Heavy R
Sr Champ Heavy R
Predator 390 R
Clone Heavy ACE R
Stock 450 R

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